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Board of Studies

                In all departments, the syllabus is framed by the Board of Studies. The Board of Studies comprises of two subject experts from reputed neighboring Colleges, a nominee from Bharathidasan University and an industrial representative. The board also includes an alumnus with ample experience in the field. The curriculum is framed by the Board of studies keeping in mind the stipulations of Bharathidasan University and UGC. Accordingly modifications are made in the curriculum with focus on the career of the students. Usually, the Board of Studies is conducted once in two years and looks into the following aspects

  • Preparation of syllabi as per the objectives of the Institution and scope of the subject concerned
  • Reviewing and updating the syllabi, question pattern and examiners panel.
  • Suggesting methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation methods.

            The revised syllabus is then presented in the Academic Council Meeting which comprises of professionals from other fields, academicians of other disciplines, advocates, and experts from industries. In Academic Council meeting, curriculum is discussed at length and breadth, the suggestions of the Academic Council members are taken into consideration while restructuring the sylla

Minutes of Board of Studies Meeting (2020)

Minutes of Board of Studies Meeting (2019)