Support Services



Ragging of students in any form is strictly prohibited within and outside the campus. An anti ragging cell is set up in the College to keep track of such hazards.


Mrs.P.P.Sujatha (History)

Deputy Warden Members:

Dr.D.Soumady (Zoology)

Dr.M.Kala (History)

Dr.A.Jeyachitra (Commerce)

Student President:

K.Sivapriya B.A History III Year

Students are advised to bring to the notice, the cases of ragging (either in the

College campus or hostel) and inform them to the cell. A complaint box is also kept near Principal's office to facilitate students who hesitate or fear to report in person to the cell. The offenders shall be liable for punishment.


One senior staff member has taken up the responsibility of Placement and Career Guidance Cell. She is being assisted by two Assistant professors of Commerce and Physics. They conduct motivation camps, soft skill development programmes, training for communication skills. They also collect the student data base, shortlist and endorse the qualified students for campus interviews conducted in other Colleges. Companies are invited and campus interviews conducted in the campus also.


Dr.G.Rajeswari (English)


Arts :1. Dr.T.Tamilmathi (Commerce)

Science : 2. Dr.U.Gnanasheela (Physics)


Computer Literacy Programme was initiated by the Government of Tamil Nadu in all Government Colleges to enrich all undergraduate Non - Computer Science students from the year 2000 - 2001. A Separate Lab was established with 64 Computers and other necessary Peripheral devices by ELCOT and a certificate course was being conducted in collaboration with NIIT, Kumbakonam for a contract period of 5 years.

In the year 2005-2006, the CLP Lab with all equipments was handed over to the college by NIIT and the course is being conducted successfully for all the first year under graduate students. This course is being offered for Rs.1000/- with 100 practical hours and 70 theory hours. An examination is conducted by the Directorate of Collegiate Education,Chennai at the end of the course and a valid Certificate is issued.

Dr.F.Kurus Malai Selvi (Computer Science)


Dr.R.Radha (Physics)

Dr.S.Rajkumar i(Mathematics)

In 2010-2011, 40 Pentium PCs and two 5KVA UPS, a Dot matrix Printer, and a Laser printer have been purchased. In 2014-2015 , 26 Intel Core i3 PCs and a Laser printer have been purchased which is being utilized by all non-computer science students. Seven Junior Lecturers are exclusively appointed to conduct the classes. This course has been regulated by a CLP monitoring committee comprising of the HOD of the Department of Computer Science and two senior science faculty members. More than 1000 students are getting benefited every year



1. Dr.R.Revathi (Commerce)

Entrepreneurship Development cell has been entrusted to the Department of Commerce. They are giving self employment training programmes like jewelry making, tailoring, embroidery and beautician courses.

Most of our students are first generation learners and belong to the economically weaker and socially backward strata of the society. Hence in an attempt to fulfill the Vision of the college in uplifting the poor and the needy students, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell was started to uplift the educated young rural women.

Students from all the Departments are enrolled every year. Priorities are given to the students who belong to Below Poverty Line and SC/ST communities. They are given training in job oriented courses like Jute bag making, Jewellery making, Tailoring, Embroidery etc. They are provided with certificates that make them eligible to apply for bank loans with subsidy.


  • To develop self employment skills.

  • To provide opportunities to rural students

  • To facilitate sustainable economic development

  • To reduce the unemployment problem which is a national crisis.


In addition to the Mentoring System, students are also being allowed to air their genuine grievances in the form of a written complaint deposited in a wooden box. The grievance redressal cell meets once a week and scrutinizes the applications in an attempt to find a permanent remedy to the problems encountered by the students within the frame work of the College.

Senior Faculty Members constitute the Grievance Redressal Cell

1. Dr.S.Rajkumar i(Mathematics)

2.Dr.W.Jayaseeli (Commerce)

3.Dr.G.Rajkumari (Mathematics)


A Grievance Redressal box is kept in the College main Building. It is opened regularly by the committee members and the letters are read confidentially and necessary action will be taken accordingly.


Co-Ordinator :


Registered PTA which acts as a bridge between parents and teachers ensures the academic growth of the students and the College. The parent teacher association of the College organizes parents-teachers meet twice a year to maintain a rapport with the parents and to keep them informed of the academic progression of their wards.

Apart from this, to keep parents informed of the student's marks and attendance, a mark statement with percentage of attendance is sent to them. Parents can also meet the faculty members after class hours to enquire about their children.

Other Activities:

  • Support staff for both teaching and Non-teaching were appointed whenever there is a delay in recruitment by Government.

  • Supported a Women Self Help Group (SHG) member to take over the college canteen in order to generate funds for the college

  • College maintenance works like construction of fence for gardens, maintenance of UV treated water plant, etc.


Three senior faculty members who can interact well with the students constitute the Student Counseling Cell.

They conduct meetings to address the general problems/issues faced by women in the society and offer necessary counseling including medical, law and yoga.


The college has a Vibrant Student union with eleven office bearers like President,Vice President Secretary, Deputy Secretary , Fine Arts Secretary, Deputy Fine Arts Secretary, Deputy Sports Secretary, Hostel Secretary, Vice Hostel Secretary, PG Secretary, Vice PG Secretary to co ordinate various activities. They act as a bridge between the college administration and students community and help in building a good rapport between students and teachers.



Dr.J.V.Santha Jayakumari(History)

The Department of History has taken up the onus of initiating various activities coming under the purview of Students Welfare Committee since 2009 and the system was started in 1988. Students Welfare Committee provides free noon meal to the needy students of all departments who were identified by the tutors. The committee also takes care of the free bus pass facility offered by the State Government.


A well organized Mentoring Mechanism enable the students to face the difficulties in their Academic,social and familial environments. In the beginning of every academic year, the Head of the Departments are constructed to make the allotment of mentors at an average Mentor-Mentee ratio of 1:26. If the Department does not have adequate number of mentors, the teachers from other Departments can be roped in. The main agenda to be discussed are the following.

  • Ensure that the Mentoring process contributes to the holistic development of the Mentees.

  • Encourage the students to participate in various curriculum and co curricular activities to enhance their all-round development.

  • Identify the strengths and weakness of the Mentees and motivate them accordingly.

  • Confidentiality of the personal information of the Mentees should be maintained.

  • Health record of the Mentees should be created.

  • Mentoring record can be maintained in all Departments.