Proceedings of Research Ethics and Advisory Committee (REAC)


Dr.S.AHILA M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D
Associate Professor & HOD of Tamil


Dr.R.Radha M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., FASCh.,
Associate Professor & HOD of Physics


Dr.S.Venkatalakshmi M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor & HOD of Zoology


Dr.F.Kurus Malai Selvi M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor & HOD of Computer Science

Minutes of The Research Ethics Committee Date: 09.08.2018

Venue: Council Hall

Meeting of the research ethics committee was held on 09.08.2018 and the following resolutions were taken.

  1. The committee recommended the conduct of workshop for the teaching fraternity to facilitate them mobilize resources for their research.

  2. The code of ethics and guidelines for full time / part time research scholars were framed.

  3. It was unanimously decided that Research Advisor(RAs) should lead by examples and avoid giving personal work to research scholars.

  4. All Publications should conform to discipline specific good practices.

  5. The authors should take up personal responsibility for their research outcome.

  6. Contribution from collaborators should be properly acknowledged.

  7. Funding Agencies should be acknowledged.

  8. The authors should be able to identify their contribution to the research output in the form of a paper / book / patent etc.,

  9. Honorary authorship should be discouraged.

  10. Since PG projects of students from Arts and Humanities involve (mostly) survey where human information may be collected (personal or otherwise), Research Supervisors should ensure (i)Privacy (ii) Confidentially (iii) anonymities and (iv) consent of the individual concerned.

Minutes of The Research Ethics Committee Date :10.07.2019

Research Ethics Committee met on 10.07.2019 at Council Hall and a consensus on the following issues was reached.

  1. Need for updating the code of ethics for research scholars in the context of malpractices occurring in other institutions was emphasized.

  2. A certificate from the Research Advisor that the Public Viva Voce Examination for Ph.D was conducted in letter and spirit and the candidate answered all the questions raised by the adjudicators of the thesis should be obtained from Research Advisors.

  3. Research Scholars will have to be enlightened about ethical practices in research like plagiarism, impersonation behaviour in research labs etc.,

Minutes of The Research Ethics Committee Date :09.12.2020

A meeting of Research Ethics Committee was convened 09.12.2020 and the following issues were discussed.

  1. The committee discussed the challenges in monitoring the program of Research Scholars during the Pandemic.

  2. The conduct of PG Practical's during the Pandemic.

  3. Prepration of PG Thesis / Dissertation and the preparatory works in the laboratory for synthesizing samples etc.,

  4. Plagiarism detection software employed by Bharathidasan University, Urkund (Free of Cost) has been informed to Research Scholars.

Minutes of The Research Ethics Committee Date :31.08.2021

Research Committee met on 31.08.2021 and the following resolutions were adopted.

  1. All Research Scholars should be aware of Intellectual Property Rights and plagiarism.

  2. All the research scholars were informed of the resource available at the General Library with reference to the access of INFLIBNET(Journals, thesis, Open Resource etc,.).

  3. Research Scholars should respect the law of the land with respect to the testing of animals, handling of bioresources and hazardous chemicals etc,.

Minutes of The Research Ethics Committee Date :25.07.2022

Research Ethics Committee met on 25.07.2022 and the following resolutions were taken.

  1. A Workshop on "Resource Mobilization from funding agencies" can be organized to help the teachers establish centre of excellence in their research domain.

  2. The necessity to create an awareness among PG students to apply for students projects from Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Educations(TANSCHE) and Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology(TNSCST) was discussed.

  3. Denying access to Information / Resources , impersonation / defamation / harassment / bullying, wrong claims / appropriating others achievements as non-piracy , abuse of research resources are considered to be a misconduct in research and their practice will be subjected to stringent disciplinary action.

  4. DST -CURIE Project monitoring committee can be constituted and its modalities can be framed.

  5. Felt the necessity to create an awareness on Calculating Impact Factor of Peer reviewed journals, h-index of the teachers, creation of Scopus id and Orcid id for web of science indexing.