Institutional Distinctiveness


Government College for Women(A) Kumbakonam is the second women’s college in the state started in 1963. The institution was inaugurated by the Philanthropists’ of the city with a great vision of Rural Women Empowerment through higher education.


            Being a 57 years old institution, the college is bestowed with a strong Alumni Association. It is a Registered Body. It is providing financial assistance for various activities of the college and smooth administration. In honour of the first principal, who has been considered as the foundation stone of the institution, in her name Radha Memorial Day is celebrated by Old Student Association. Her tireless work and sacrifice to erect this Government institution is recognized by each individual including staff and students of the college.

            It includes inter-collegiate Fine Arts Competition, to promote cultural values among students. The OSA is run by senior staff members who are all alumni of this institution.